"Pollo Lounge & Grill"

225 Bowdoin St.
Dorchester, MA 02122

Case Study: Enhancing Pollo Lounge and Grill’s Digital Presence & Branding with Tomas Soto Marketing


Pollo Lounge and Grill, nestled in the heart of Dorchester, MA, faced the challenge of elevating its brand presence, boosting online engagement, and refining its overall branding assets. Recognizing the need for a digital transformation, they turned to Tomas Soto Marketing to lead this pivotal journey.

Problem / Solution / Result:

  • Problem: Pollo Lounge and Grill suffered from an inconsistent brand image and a passive online presence, hindering their growth potential.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing embarked on a comprehensive makeover, reimagining the branding, optimizing social media channels, and introducing a cohesive graphic identity for a seamless customer experience.
  • Result: The collaboration resulted in a harmonized brand image, a surge in social media engagement rates, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers about the fresh designs.

Starting Point / Turning Point / End Point:

  • Starting Point: The restaurant possessed basic branding and limited digital assets, overlooking the potential of harnessing social media platforms.
  • Turning Point: The introduction of professional photoshoots, targeted social media campaigns (e.g., “The Art of Grilled Chicken”), and compelling promotional videos transformed the narrative. The focus shifted from merely selling food to offering a culinary journey.
  • End Point: The transformation culminated in a responsive website, dynamic social media channels with over 100,000 annual reach, and tangible branded materials like stickers, business cards, and to-go menus, streamlining the customer journey from discovery to order.

Challenge / Solution / Outcome:

  • Challenge: Despite their delectable offerings, the restaurant’s dishes lacked visual representation, and their social media needed content that engaged and resonated.
  • Solution: Multiple professional photoshoots captured the essence of their dishes, enhancing both offline and online menu appeal. Engaging content series, such as “Did You Know?” and “Exploring Sancocho,” were launched, fostering engagement and positioning the restaurant as a niche thought leader.
  • Outcome: High-quality images breathed life into the menu, and the educational series on social media created a community of engaged followers, showcasing Pollo Lounge and Grill’s culinary expertise.

Opportunity / Strategy / Results & Outcomes:

  • Opportunity: The surge in online food ordering presented a golden chance to direct customers to Pollo Lounge and Grill’s online ordering system.
  • Strategy: Tomas Soto Marketing introduced QR codes on various assets, such as stickers and business cards, directly linking customers to the restaurant’s online ordering page. Collaborative promotional campaigns expanded their reach.
  • Results & Outcomes: This strategic move led to a significant increase in online orders and a broader audience reach. By tapping into the ubiquity of smartphones and the popularity of online food ordering, the restaurant experienced substantial growth.


Through a dynamic partnership with Tomas Soto Marketing, Pollo Lounge and Grill embarked on a remarkable digital and branding transformation. The outcomes reaffirmed the restaurant’s standing in the local community, underscoring the prowess of effective marketing strategies in the digital era. With a unified brand identity, a responsive online presence, and a proactive approach to customer engagement, Pollo Lounge and Grill stands poised for sustained growth and enduring success, a testament to the capabilities of Tomas Soto Marketing.